Specialized Business Courses

PC Village Academy
Program Director

Teno Robinson

Mode of Study
Distance Learning
General Information

The Specialized business Course (SBC) Programme is a single course diploma programme . It focuses on the fundamental principles and practices of effective management most important for success in businesses today. It offers a solid introduction for new managers or an in-depth review of core concepts and the latest research and applications for working professionals. Concise, complete treatment translates the latest research, theories, and management experiences into actual practice while addressing emerging issues, such as sustainability and environmental concerns as well as management in difficult times. This qualification is suitable for those who are already in management or business administration positions or those who are preparing to enter into relevant employment sectors.

Admission Requirement
  • Proficiency in English (all courses and materials are in English).
  • High school completion certificate ( equivalence of Cameroon GCE Advanced Level) or extensive years of relevant work experience.
  • Completed online application form

 It is required that:

  • Before mailing your forms, make photocopy for record.
  • For further assistance contact:admissions@pcvillagecmr.com
Professional Recognition
Open Enrollment Policy
  • We do restrict entry to our courses. Only candidates with at-least Advance Level or an equivalent  qualification can have a place on the learning platform.
  •  Participants in search for high quality professional training look onto PC Village Academy for the quality of courses on offer.
  • Our strength is tested in the quality output of our trainees

SBC101; Administrative Writing

SBC102: Advertising and Public Relations

SBC103: Business Management and Administration

SBC104: Customer Service

SBC105: Financial Management

SBC106; Human Resource Management

SDC107; Inventory and supply chain Management

SBC108; Marketing Strategy Development

SBC109; Project Planning and Management

SBC110; Risk and Insurance Management

SBC111; Software Development

Fees And Finance

510 US dollars per course

Graduation Requirement

To earn a single course diploma in any of our specialized business courses, participants must

1. Do all the prescribed assignments

2. undertake a one month intership

3. pass the end of course examination

Other Information

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