Rashtriya Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Mumbai
Address:6, Shree Radha Vihar, Plot No. 9Nawade Phase 2, Near Nawade Railway Station, Navi Mumbai - 410208. Maharashtra, India.
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Introduction:Welcome to Rasthriya Vishwa Vidyapeeth, Mumbai ,Internationaly Accrediated
The RASTHRIYA VISHWA VIDYAPEETH, MUMBAI was established by the act 1950 of the Govt. of Mumbai Under the Guidelines of National Education Policy 1986 and programme of action 1992 Goverment of India. RVV is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Organization and accredited by International Accreditation Organization (IAO) and Dubai Accreditation Center (DAC) Confederation of International Accreditation Commission- CIAC.RVV work in the field of online and distance education in India as a pattern of International Standard of ODL System

The RASTHRIYA VISHWA VIDYAPEETH – RVVM is an academically independent self financed autonomous certification body offering various industry integrated professional vocation & job oriented diplomas & certification courses through online & distance learning mode.
We at RASTHRIYA VISHWA VIDYAPEETH plan to make the highest standards in Education available to all students so they do not have to deviate from their objective of interest due to the lack of opportunity. We are sure that our drive will fulfill their needs and also contribute in filling this deficit in the field of higher education through distance & continued education.
We, at RASTHRIYA VISHWA VIDYAPEETH, MUMBAI cater to building strong blocks of skills and knowledge for people who want to get that added advantage and stay at the forefront of world-class competition.

Our goal is to enhance people’s skills and let them envisage themselves to be geared up for today, tomorrow and forever. In today’s cyberspace revolution we can no longer afford to be ordinary pieces. Each one of us has to be an extra-ordinary masterpiece and attest ourselves at every second of life. To get that extra-ordinary upshot in your life, you need to polish those ordinary skills and outshine yourself for the world with Rvvm.

RASTHRIYA VISHWA VIDYAPEETH, MUMBAI has a range of courses that can help you to conquer your limitations of time and location. Whether you need to update your skills in your existing job or you desire to enter a new industry, our courses are designed to deliver the knowledge you need. This knowledge comes to you at your own need, your own time, your own convenience and your own pace-And all this with that touch of traditional teaching methodologies.

Program Offered

The Doctor of Excellence is an honorary degree that may be considered to have the same standing, and to grant the same privileges and style of address as the Doctor Honoris Causa. Recipients of an honorary doctorate such as the Excellentia Doctor may if they wish adopt the title of “doctor”. In many countries, including […]


We are glad to announce that Dr. Pongkit Ekvitayavetchanukul has received our Distinguished Professorship Award in Educational Development. According to Dr.  Ekvitayavetchanukul, “Education development is about improving the quality of life of the world’s population.  Opportunity and access to education is critically important. I have always been committed to working in the education field, both in […]


We are pleased to announce that Pebble Hills University has received a recognition and partnership certificate for the achievement of qualitative educational practices from the International Council for the Accreditation of Theological Schools.