Mutual confidence with Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Of Pakistan

Pebble Hills University (Herein referred to as PHU) and the Institute Of Certified Public Accountants Of Pakistan (Herein referred to as ICPAP) have decided to place mutual confidence in one another’s training/academic qualifications.
1. Candidates who have passed the CPA COURSE of the ICPAP will be awarded Master of Business Administration by PHU upon payment of relevant fee to PHU.
2. Members of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Pakistan (ICPAP) of Fellow grade shall be granted PHU DBA upon completion of a Dissertation, approved by PHU in collaboration with the ICPAP and payment of the relevant fees to PHU.
PHU MBA graduates are eligible to apply for Chartered Auditor of Chartered Institute of Management, Canada and Business Professional of International Accreditation Organization.
Please contact us at for more application.