[Important Notice] – Scam by falsely pretending to be PHU’s staff to request money.


Dear Partners, Students ,Graduates and Prospective Students.


One of our partners got a scam text message via Whatsapp as below with the passport copy sent:

From: +44 7534920746

Good day Dr.. XXXX

Is nice speaking with you

Please send the money through MoneyGram to my name as stated below: RECEIVER NAME: NICHOLLS SHIRLEY


This is the scanned copy of the scammer that send to one of our partner.Flase passport covered

This is a total scam since PHU will never contact any partner or student by Whatsapp. All the communications shall be by email. If you would like to verify, please contact us by email at admin@pebblehills.university.

we also advise all the email users should change their password of their email account frequently to prevent being hacked by any person.

Shoud you have any question, please feel free to contact us at admin@pebblehills.university.

Administrative Office
Pebble Hills University