Dual Global Executive MBA Online with PHU and an university in Central America at US$4,750

Dual Global Executive MBA Online with PHU and an university in Central America at US$3,750
We are glad to announce our partnership with an university in Central America in offering and award Global Executive MBA. Graduates of the program will receive two sets of degree package from Pebble Hills University and an university in Central America respective. The partner’s University offers degree programs in a variety of fields through instruction at its campus in Central America and through distance education. The university is recognized by the Ministry of Education. The University is authorized, licensed and approved by the Department of Education. The Department of education in Central America is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) in the United State of America . Further, the University is internationally recognized by the United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Association of Universities (IAU).
Finance: The tuition fee is very affordable: US$4,750 for 1-year study OR US$4,950 for 2-year study. This discount is to encourage candidates to work hard in speeding up the pace of their study. With US$3,750, you will be able access to the eLearning system for a year and two degree packages from two universities.
Memberships and Awards: After completion of the program, candidates are eligible to apply for the Chartered Manager Award from the Chartered Institute of Management, Canada and Certified Professional Manager Award from Professional Managers’ Association. PHU provides free assistance in obtaining these two awards. (Additional fee required)
Students Service: Attestation service is also offered for Candidates in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Bahrain and Hague Convention countries. California University FCE Equivalency Diploma and Comprehensive Report are also available for application after completing the Program. (Additional fee required)
If you are interested in obtaining this prestigious qualifications, please contact us at admission@pebblehills.university or click here for further information.