Affordable Online Cert. Program for professional development (Pebble Hills University)


Sometimes, it is expensive to do an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme in order to develop our career. With a certificate awarded by a well-recognized university, we can also build the knowledge and develop the skills we need for career advancement.


Pebble Hills University has established Professional Development Centre to assist prospective students who would like to acquire certifications for their professional and career development.


The Pebble Hills University programs are designed for students from various backgrounds and to prepare them for higher positions through a variety of teaching methods: traditional methods (lectures, seminars, group projects and independent research efforts) as well as the case method and eLearning, depending on which approach is most appropriate for the particular course of interest.


Online enrollment is easy with step-by-step instructions. Moreover, Prior Learning Experience earned from the University’s online short courses is transferable towards their award programmes. More importantly, the tuition fees for the short courses are incredibly affordable.




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