Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications

Pebble Hills University (Herein referred to as PHU) and the Chartered Institute of Management (Herein referred to as CIM) have decided to place mutual confidence in one another’s training/academic qualifications.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, CIM is the first Federally Chartered professional body in Canada to utilize action research and work-based assessment models for competency evaluation. Today CIM has extended its professional presence in the Asia-Pacific region and has members in several countries and territories including China, Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia.

  1. PHU’s Bachelor graduates – Entry to Associate/Full member of CIM
  2. PHU’s Master graduates – Entry to Full Member or Fellow member(more than 5 years working experience)
  3. PHU’s Doctor graduates – Entry to Fellow Member
  4. Full Member or Fellow Member of CIM can apply our Chartered Managers designation.
Membership Fees
  1. Associate Membership: CAD$230
  2. Full Membership: CAD$350
  3. Fellow membership: CAD$480
  4. Chartered Managers: CAD$700


Applicants who wish to confirm their professional eligibility to proceed to University qualifications will need to meet the relevant academic requirements:

  1. Candidates who have obtained Associate Membership of the CIM will be awarded Bachelor of Business Administration by PHU upon completion of 3 online courses with PHU:
    a) International Business

    b) Research Method

    c) Graduation Project in Management

  2. Full Members of the Institute of the CIM will be awarded Master of Business Administration (Management) by PHU upon completion of 3 online courses with PHU:

    a) Organizational Leadership

    b) Research Method

    c) Thesis in Management

  3. Candidates who have obtained Fellow Membership of the CIM will be awarded Doctor of Business Administration (Management) by PHU upon completion of 2 online courses with PHU:
    a) Research Method

    b) Dissertation in Management

  4. PHU DBA upon completion of a Dissertation, approved by PHU in collaboration with the ICPAP and payment of the relevant fees to PHU.
University Fee
1. BBA USD1,680
2. MBA USD1,200
3. DBA USD1,880
About Pebble Hills University

Pebble Hills University is now accredited by IAO. Currently the following associations are partners with IAO: Department of Adult & Higher Education, Ministry of Education (Bhutan), The National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (Argentina), The National Higher Education Accreditation (Costa Rica), The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (Palestine), The Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Accreditacion Agencia (Chile), The Quality Assurance & Accreditation Council (Sri Lanka), Public Agency for accreditation of Higher Education (Albania), Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation for HEI (Libya) and Higher Education Quality Evaluation Centre (Latvia), etc. IAO’s accreditation standards are recognized by International Education Accreditation Commission.

About the CIM

The Chartered Institute of Management (CIM) is a non-profit-making organization incorporated in 1990 by Letters Patent from the Government of Canada. It provides practical means of assessing professional capabilities and acquiring professional recognition.

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