Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Program Director

Academic Staff

Mode of Study
Distance Learning
General Information

  • This program has been designed for qualified graduates on Bachelor level with an attractive academic background and interest. Candidates will complete a research proposal under supervision of PHU research staff and if the proposal is accepted, the Candidates will continue their proposal to write a scientific thesis.
  • Besides, your Thesis will be submitted to Scientific Online Journal for possible publication if your work meets their requirement. Scientific Online Publishing, USA (SOP) is a new Open Access journal publisher, which is established in 2013. All our publications are under license of "Creative Commons", and other Open Access rules. It is currently publishing 30+ journals and covering 10 academic subjects. SOP serves as an online platform for individual researchers and worldwide academic communities, providing the latest scientific outcomes for free. All our journals are under strict and efficient process of peer review, which are supervised by a group of experienced professional editors.

Admission Requirement
  1. Applicants must possess an appropriate University or College degree from a recognized institution
  2. Applicants who hold a university or college degree, will be considered for admissions if they have professional certification / diploma AND minimum three years full-time appropriate work experience
Professional Recognition
Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Chartered Institute of Management (CIM) is the first Federally Chartered professional body in Canada to utilize action research and work-based assessment models for competency evaluation. Today CIM has extended its professional presence in the Asia-Pacific region and has members in several countries and territories including China, Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia. PHU DBA graduates are eligible to apply for the award of Chartered Manager and Fellow of Business Management, FBM designation from CIM. We highly recommend our graduates to obtain the said designation and award.
Open Enrollment Policy
Students can enroll at anytime from anywhere. There is also flexibility in pacing the course. All of the courses are distance learning courses offered online through our eCampus. PHU online courses operate on an open enrollment policy; there are no enrollment deadlines. This means the distance learning course starts for you on the day your registration is accepted. Registrations are processed and accepted on most business days.
Core Courses Core title Credit Unit
BUS008 Research Skills 3 credits
BUS013 Facilitation, Influence and Persuasion 3 credits
BUS014 Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming 3 credits
BUS016 Public Speaking and Relations 3 credits
MGT010 Talent and Performance Management 3 credits
MGT012 Personnel Training Development 3 credits
MGT014 Knowledge Management and Technology 3 credits
CIT006 IT Applications: PowerPoint 2013 3 credits
CIT007 IT Applications: Project 2013 3 credits
CIT008 IT Applications: Publisher 2013 3 credits
CIT010 IT Applications: Word 2013 3 credits
PHD001 Thesis in PhD Level 12 credits
Total: 45 credits
Fees And Finance
US$4,880 if you complete the program in one year; US$4,980 if you complete the program in three years
Optional Documents
1. Validation Certificate issued by International Quality Assurance for Higher Education (QAHE) USD 300
2. Chartered Manager Award issued by QAHE USD350 (PDF)/USD450 (Hard copy)
3. Chartered Manager Award awarded by American Management School, USA USD 500 (PDF) / USD 600 (Hard copy)
4. USA State of Department Attestation Click for details
Graduation Requirement
Average GPA of 3.0; Any outstanding financial obligations must be paid
Other Information

Graduation Package

  1. Degree Diploma with cover
  2. Official Transcript
  3. Alumni ID Card
  4. Letter of Graduation
Graduation package

If you have transferable credits from other tertiary educational institutions, these can count towards the requirements for most PHU qualifications. Maximum of 30 credits may be transferred.