PHU has been awarded the prestigious ISO 29995:2021 certification in Education and Learning Services.
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Accreditor of Pebble Hills University, QAHE, Receives Recognitions from Prominent International Organizations
PHU is proud to announce that Dr. JOSE ANGELO P. CULALA has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate degree in Psychology
Pebble Hills University Congratulates Zahurul Haque on Receiving Honorary Doctorate Degree
Engr. Alvin R. Harilla Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree by Pebble Hills University
Pebble Hills University Recognizes Dr. Maheshwari Kunwar with Doctor of Executive Leadership Development (Honoris Causa)
We are pleased to make an official announcement that Pebble Hills University has been recognized in the Ballsbridge Qualification Framework (BQF)
It is our esteemed privilege to announce that Pebble Hills University has awarded Dr. Ozlem Gulsum Kilickaya a Doctor of Engineering (Honoris Causa)
Pebble Hills University Honorary Doctorate Degree: A Recognition of Excellence
Dr. A K M Fazlur Rahman has been granted the degree of Doctor of Entrepreneurship in Information Technology (Honoris Causa) by Pebble Hills University
We accept nomination of Doctor of Excellence – Honoris Causa
Dr. Pongkit Ekvitayavetchanukul has received our Distinguished Professorship Award in Educational Development.
PHU has received a recognition and partnership certificate for the achievement of qualitative educational practices from the International Council for the Accreditation of Theological Schools
Pebble Hills University is ISO certified
Pebble Hills University Recognizes Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez with Doctor Honoris Causa in Education (Nursing) and Distinguished Professorship Award in Nursing Education Pebble Hills University proudly announces the conferral of the esteemed Doctor Honoris Causa in Education (Nursing) and Distinguished Professorship Award in Nursing Education upon Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez. The prestigious accolades are in recognition of Prof. Fernandez’s exceptional contributions to the field of nursing education and his remarkable professional achievements. Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez, a highly accomplished individual, holds an impressive array of qualifications, including RN, MAN, USRN, CTN, CFN, CFRA, CMA, LFC, and an MBA ©. His dedication and expertise have earned him numerous certifications, such as Certified Telemetry Nurse (CTN), Certified Medical Aesthetician (CMA), Certified Forensic Nurse (CFN), Licensed Financial Consultant (LFC), Certified Family and Relationship Advisor (CFRN), and more. Notably, Prof. Fernandez is renowned for his extensive experience and proficiency in various domains. Currently serving as a faculty member at the FEU Institute of Technology’s Nursing Department, he imparts his knowledge and nurtures future nursing professionals. Additionally, he is the owner of Nailax Aesthetic, Salon and Spa Clinic, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to the field of aesthetics. Prof. Fernandez’s influence extends beyond the classroom and clinical settings. He is actively involved as a network marketer for First Vita Plus and holds a license as a Financial Wealth Planner with FWD Philippines. His expertise has led him to become a respected HAAD-DHA-PROMETRIC-QATAR Examination Reviewer, contributing to the advancement of nursing education on an international scale. Furthermore, Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez has made significant contributions as a national and international lecturer, freelance reviewer, and forensic nurse educator for FNDI & SANE at Camp Crame. His commitment to enhancing healthcare extends to training others in life-saving skills, such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support as an accredited instructor by the American Safety and Health Institute. Moreover, Prof. Fernandez serves as the Managing Director of Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC) in Bohol and Siquijor, facilitating comprehensive and effective nursing board exam reviews for aspiring healthcare professionals. His unwavering dedication has also seen him contribute as a PNLE Board Reviewer at both the Carl Balita Review Center and Peak Review Center since 2006 and 2010, respectively. The conferment of the Doctor Honoris Causa in Education (Nursing) and Distinguished Professorship Award in Nursing Education upon Prof. Randy Vallejos Fernandez by Pebble Hills University is a testament to his remarkable achievements, profound knowledge, and unwavering commitment to the nursing profession. His contributions to the field continue to inspire and shape the future of nursing education.
PHU accepts nominations/self-nominations for the Honorary Scholars award.
We are glad to announce that Prof. Cyprian F. Edward-Ekpo has been awarded with PHU’s Distinguished Professorship Award
Professor Dr. Joyce Bukirwa Rebecca Sessanga has been awarded with our Distinguished Professorship Award
Important notes of Pebble Hills University’s accreditation and recognition.
Congratulations on Prof. Emmanuel Nnamuchi for being awarded with Pebble Hills University’s Distinguished Professorship Award
Dr Quang Duy Luong is awarded with Pebble Hills University’s Distinguished Professor Award in Medical Science
Dr Quang Duy Luong is awarded with Pebble Hills University’s Distinguished Professor Award in Medical Science
We are glad to announce that Dr Dannyboy Pieterse is awarded with our Distinguished Professorship Award in Religious Education
Honorary Doctoral Degree
Prof. Wasajja James for being awarded of Distinguished Professorship Award
Distinguished Professorship Award is now accepted
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