Master of Business Administration in Islamic Finance & Banking

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Mode of Study
Distance Learning
General Information

  • The MBA is recognised internationally as the most suitable qualification to prepare business people for successful careers within the senior cadres of their organisations.
  • An MBA improves the management skills of participants and innovative study themes unlock new knowledge that guides developing leaders in a creative way to play a definite value-adding role within their organisations.

Admission Requirement
  • Applicants must possess an appropriate Undergraduate University or College degree from a recognized institution.
  • Applicants who do not hold a university or college degree, will be considered for admissions if they have professional certification / diploma AND minimum three years full-time appropriate work experience
Professional Recognition
Pebble Hills University (PHU) has satisfactorily met all the standards set by Confederation of International Accreditation Commission regarding academic quality, institutional integrity and administrative responsibility, through a voluntary, non-governmental guided self-regulation. Three Star Graded is awarded to Pebble Hills University at Delaware, USA for outstanding performance in the field of distance & online education as a Private University. Grade Average 3.5 – Very Good is awarded to PHU for institutional online audit conducted at Delaware, USA. Our Status is Grade A – Full Accreditation. The Brief Audit Summary of CIAC indicates that PHU provides education in the major aspects of education through regular, vocational as well as other modes like distance education and online learning. The audit did not find any critical weaknesses in the overall academic standards and content of the educational services provided by the institute. Moreover, it was also observed that the student support facilities and international document services provided by the institution are in quality and immensely student-friendly. Mediena Business School (MBS) in Netherlands is a education partner of PHU. MBS is a world's leading School of Islamic, Business and Management Studies, established in 2013. MBS is registered in the Netherlands as a tax exempt institution after a confident audit by CPION, a Dutch dept. of Lloyds Register International, UK. MBS is recognized by two world leading Sunni Islamic Universities in India: Jamia Nooria Razvia and JamiaturRaza. MBS is registered in the Dutch Register CRKBO: - To educate and train individuals from vocational till university level in Islamic and secular sciences. - To facilitate individuals become industry experts and organization establish better Business & Management Scholars. - To promote industry professionalism and best practices in Islamic financial system and as Shari’ah Scholar. You will be eligible to apply for a General Evaluation Report issued by the California University Foreign Credential Evaluator (CUFCE).
Open Enrollment Policy
Students can enroll at anytime from anywhere. There is also flexibility in pacing the course. All of the courses are distance learning courses offered online through our eCampus. PHU online courses operate on an open enrollment policy; there are no enrollment deadlines. This means the distance learning course starts for you on the day your registration is accepted. Registrations are processed and accepted on most business days.
Course Code Course Title Credit Unit
ISL101 Islamic Law 3 credits
ISL102 Islamic Economic System 3 credits
ISL103 Islamic Modes of Finance and Investments 3 credits
ISL104 Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions 3 credits
ISL105 Accounting for Islamic Financial Institutions 3 credits
ISL106 Self-study Research Project in Islamic Banking and Finance 9 credits
ISL107 Supervised Thesis in Islamic Banking and Finance 12 credits
Fees And Finance
  • US$3,480
  • Discount for Full Payment
  • Flexible and Affordable interest-free instalment plan
Graduation Requirement
Students require 36 credits to graduate; Average GPA of 3.0; Any outstanding financial obligations must be paid
Other Information

Graduation Package

  1. Degree Diploma with cover
  2. Official Transcript
  3. Alumni ID Card
  4. Letter of Graduation
Graduation package

If you have transferable credits from other tertiary educational institutions, these can count towards the requirements for most PHU qualifications. Maximum of 30 credits may be transferred.